Top 50 highest and lowest paying jobs in America 2017

Here are the top 50 highest paying jobs in America with records updated for 2017. The data put together for this list is the same data shared on WageScout which are pulled from official records of employees around the US. According to this list, a career in medical school will most likely help bring you the highest pay in the industry. We have Surgeons top this list with $350,000 median base salary. In fact the top 4 are all from medical fields. The first non-medical high paying job is Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials with median salary of $207,000.

We also find Lawyers at the 15th position with $145,000 base salary, this is also the cut-off for the top group where salary is significantly higher than the rest of the group. For engineering jobs, we find Petroleum Engineer at position 18th with $137,000 and most of the other engineering-related career at the end of the top 50, for example Material Engineers, Airline Pilots and Flight Engineers, and at the last position of this list, Sales Engineer with $115,000 base salary.

On the other end, in the 50 full-time professions that pay the lowest in America, we have jobs in Meat, Poultry, Fish Cutters and Trimmers has the lowest median salary with $20,000. The range in the lowest paying jobs is dense with 50 professions having similar salaries from $20,000 to $26,000. Other jobs in this end of the wage spectrum includes Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners at $21,000, Receptionist and Information Clerks at $22,300, Cooks at $23,500, Agricultural Workers at $26,000 and Repair Workers at $26,000.

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