Got a degree in Psychology? What career path would you take?

Psychology is an academic discipline and a social science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. That description makes Psychology seem like a great fit for any career, afterall, understanding people and being able to communicate with others are always the key to having a successful career. But to be specific, what profession would you need a Psychology degree, or asking this question from the other perspective, what are the career choices for people with a degree in Psychology?

We first look at the top 50 median salary fields that have employees trained in Psychology. The top three in this list are all from Financial Sectors and have a significant difference to the rest of the group, each with nearly $250,000. Meanwhile, if you decide to stay at school and teach Psychology, you will not expect a high salary, with the median to be around $65,000.

We will also look at the specific job titles for the market. A similar division is also seen with job title, where financial jobs top the list while teaching and HR are among the lowest pay career in Psychology.

For those who are interested in opportunities with a Psychology degree, here are the top 50 companies that paid Psychologists the most.

In terms of location we can see how different regions have different payment structure.

Lastly, we include a pie chart for how often students in Psychology pursues for higher degrees.

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